Who is Rodrí Agavē


Who is Rodrí Agavē

As a kid, Rodrí was introduced to hip hop by his older cousin and the kids at the recreation center.  At the age of eight, Rodrí's mother took him to the local pawn shop to pick out a gift.  Upon walking in, Rodrí noticed the pawn shop was very dimly lit.  You could feel the dust particles lingering in the air from old equipment sitting as if a time capsule had been left open and abandoned.  In the back there was an older male behind the counter.  At the time, Rodrí had his eyes set on a straight arm turntable.  There were so many lightly used items to choose from.  It was like being in a candy store....for music.  Rodrí began to talk the store owner's head off with numerous questions.  As he paced back and forth, he just could not stop touching the turntable.  Eventually he ended up coming back for the mixer with no crossfader.  Rodrí knew that you could not have the emcee without the DJ, so on that day he became both.  This was the beginning of a never ending story.


Rodrí went on to write his first rhyme.

"Super-cali-frajalistic-expiala-docious, as I bust the move I'm guaranteed to get ferocious.  Some call me 'lil bit but I'm living large.  Sit back and pay attention, cause I'm in charge."


During early childhood, Rodrí began to block out the traumas of certain life events with music.  When he felt low , he always found comfort in the music.  Rodrí loved vinyl.  There was just something about placing a needle on a flat object that would in return make his world go round.  No matter how bad or good his relationship was with his family and friends, they never took away his music.  And so music became the long lost big brother Rodrí never had.  There was no where he would go without hip hop.  The way he walked, talked or even thought was melodic.  Rodrí was so consumed with bars and patterns, he began to count everything in numbers in groups of four.  It was like an obsession.  Drums, metronomes, reel to reels, samplers, track recorders....anything analog Rodrí had to have it.  Didn't matter if he could work it.  It was the joy felt from the mere presence of music in his surroundings.  Then one day his tiny studio got flooded in a storm.  Rodrí lost every vinyl, cassette, basically everything that he lived for.  He vowed not to go digital.  He was heartbroken.  The only vinyl that he was left with was the master copy of his own music.  But Rodrí eventually gave in, and tried digital equipment.  He was full of lust again for music.  But this was only a temporary high.  Kind of like the first hit.  Rodri kept trying to get that feeling back, but it never sparked.  So he packed up all his music, placed it in a box and hid it.


Many years later, one morning Rodrí woke up rapping in his sleep.  In a way it seemed like a nightmare.  But the spark was there.  That high went straight to his brain and mended his broken heart.  The addiction for music had never left.  Rodrí soon realized that he was running from the greatest feeling ever.  So he found himself trying to go to sleep more often than usual just so he could dream.  Those dreams became words.  So many words that he no longer need to try to sleep in order to feel those words.  In fact, Rodrí could not sleep.  He found his music box, opened it, and this became the birth of Dopamine In The Night.

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